Do not act on what is, but on what should be.

Hello there, welcome to my site! See what I'm up to on Github. Read what I have to share, view some of my past projects, or write me something nice.

About Me


I am a creator. My current work lies in designing, realizing, and maintaining a plethora of online projects. I do not shy away from developing private websites nor larger SaaS web-applications. I learn rapidly if a specific technology is required and enjoy opportunities to expand my understanding.

~ Simon Gruening

Short History

I taught myself programming at a young age, ever since, I have been in love with code. Game programming, Ruby scripts, Android Apps, Neural Networks, Linux Servers, Arduino boards, Rails, I've played with everything I could get my hands on. Having lived half my life in Japan, half in Switzerland, I used this opportunity to further my curious personality.

Programming Joy

I love to hack around and explore new thoughts (small example), from an automatic poetry composer (slightly Vogon at times), to PulseAudio volume-prioritization. I've gathered a very broad spectrum of experience through my sporadic adventuring. While not specialized, it usually allows me to learn new things at a rapid pace. As much as I love rapid-prototyping, I see much value in elegant, succinct code. As an autodidact it took me a little time to discover Unit Testing and Test-driven development. I now consider them invaluable in larger projects, especially if meant to pass the test of time.

Open Source

Open Source plays an enormous role in my life. Not only is all the beloved software I use open source, but it is where I learn, where I contribute, what I read. It is how I stay up to date, it is where I find my idols and guides. I hope that one day I will be able to surpass what I have gotten from it with what I have given to it.

Tools of Choice

Finding the most efficient setup is a running past-time of mine. Currently my favorite environment consists of xmonad on-top of Ubuntu, the fish shell, ruby and git. I enjoy vim, but prefer Sublime Text for larger projects and Eclipse for anything Java.

On the Web

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